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Why Intensive Driving Courses Work

The main advantage of intensive driving courses is gained by compressing many months of conventional weekly lessons into a period of one or two weeks. Because you are out on the road all day, you spend much less time ‘picking up from where you left off’ and more time concentrating on your driving.

The L Factor is known for offering well planned intensive driving courses and take you away from day to day life, allowing you to wholly concentrate on driving, with no distractions.

Cost Effectiveness on average, an hourly lesson costs £20.00. You would have 1 or 2 hours a week. The DSA recommends that you have approximately 40 hours of driving experience before sitting your test. Thus giving a cost or around £800 plus additional test fees giving you a total cost or around £870 possibly even more. As well as the time it usually takes around 20 – 40 weeks (5 – 10 months). Alternatively take an intensive course this is the fastest most cost effective way to be driving in the shortest possible time.

What’s covered? Hourly lessons 5 day plus courses
Theory training x Included
Practical training Included Included
Theory test x Included
Practical test x Included
Accommodation x Included
Test booking x Included

Intense driving courses make it possible for almost anyone to learn to drive and be ready for the practical driving test in days, rather than by learning to drive by taking regular hourly lessons over a long period of time, running into many months, or even years.

This is ideal for those wishing to progress to test standard in the shortest possible time.

We keep your course consistent, you are with the same instructor for the duration of your course, enabling you to build a good trusting relationship, this will help your confidence to grow.

On average up to 20% of the weekly lesson is spent on recapping the previous lesson. Further time is spent on travelling between the lesson starting places and training areas. With intensive courses the need for recapping is almost eliminated, and travelling time is kept to a minimum which will mean more tuition in less hours.

Caution Any company offering a guaranteed pass or pass bond are using the word GUARANTEED to get your attention to encourage you to book with them. NO ONE can guarantee a pass. The actual test is up to you to pass on the day.


Our driving lessons and crash courses offer more than just an hourly session.

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